Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions and concerns…


 Do you provide a written contract that we both sign?

Yes. We will prepare a written agreement, email it to you in a pdf format (if we do not meet in person first). You will need to sign and mail the contract back to us with the retainer. This will guarantee the date and the DJ/Services for your event.


How much do you charge ?

There are a number of different factors and options available to you when booking with BreakThrough Entertainment.  As a high-end service and entertainment company, we can help create the appropriate package for your event.  We do not have a price list or a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your event and do not disclose our fees without knowing the details and location of the event so we may recommend what is the best package.


How much is the retainer? Are there intervals to pay the rest of the balance?

The initial retainer is typically 30-40%. The balance is due 30 days (or 1 month) before your event.


Do you have professional DJ equipment?

Yes. BreakThrough Entertainment DJ’s use any combination of vinyl turntables (Technics 1200’s) & cd turntables (Pioneer CDJ’s) to mix the music. We use only the most reliable & recognized equipment including by: Technics, Rane, Mackie, Yamaha, Pioneer, Denon, etc. We also use Shure wireless microphones, speakers on stands, and a laptop computer. Our DJ’s use an Apple computer and the Serato (Scratch Live) mixing software. This combination is more advanced then most DJ’s in this area. The mixing software is the best in the business! Nearly every major & well known DJ across the world has converted to this style of DJ’ing/Mixing and is using this exact software and other similar equipment.


Do you have backup equipment in the event something doesn’t work?

Yes. All the music is backed up on an external hard drive, additional computer and/or cd’s which we bring to each event. We also have all the pre-planned music backed up on a second laptop computer, cd’s and/or an iPod, which is also brought to each event. We keep all of our equipment in excellent condition and would be prepared if something where to break down.


Do you display a banner with your company logo on the DJ table?

No. We do not use banners on the DJ table. We have business cards that are placed on the front of the table for future clients. The venue or catering company typically supplies a white tablecloth. If not, we will bring our own white tablecloth to every event. Also, nearly all of the necessary wires on and the table will be neatly tied together or hidden away in order to maintain a well-organized appearance.

What type of clothes do you wear when you’re DJ’ing?

For a wedding, we will wear a modern black, well-tailored tuxedo with a closed back vest. Please tell the DJ during the planning process if you would prefer more relaxed clothing or business casual style attire. For other events, the DJ will wear what ever is most appropriate and will be clarified with you during the planning process. Also, our DJ’s do not change their clothes or start packing up their equipment until the event is completely over.


How much music do you bring to the event?

We bring every song we own to each event and we ensure to have every song you have hand picked throughout the planning process.


Are there resources I can use to help me choose the songs for the introductions, first dance, father-daughter, anniversary dance, etc.? 

We have a multi page music list we can send you, after you have booked with us, which has a lot of ideas for every dance of the evening and we will help you choose the appropriate song if it is not on the list.


Meal service?

The DJ will eat when all of your guests eat. Typically, the DJ, Photographer, Videographer, etc will sit down at the same table (a vendor table) or at a guest table. It is important for the DJ (and other vendors) to eat the same food that is served to your guests and to eat in the same room where all of the action is taking place. Example: If an announcement needs to be made by the DJ or a picture to be taken by the Photographer, etc., we will be readily available.


When does the DJ take a break? When do those breaks normally occur?

No, we really don’t take a break. The only time we sit down (or take a break) is when we sit down to eat dinner. We stand while we are mixing and announcing as well as moving around the room to help coordinate the next part of the evening with the room manager, photographer, etc.


 What if I want to extend the party the night of the event?

If you and your guests are having a great time and want to extend the party, overtime rates are to be paid to BreakThrough Entertainment in full prior to the beginning of the overtime entertainment. Overtime rates are noted in the music contract. If the client does not have the full balance prior to the beginning of the overtime, the client must sign an additional contract supplied by the DJ that evening. Please understand this is to protect the DJ and to avoid any confusion between the client and BreakThrough Entertainment after the event.



Tipping will not be written into the contact. If you feel you have received exceptional service, any gratuities would be taken as a great compliment.