Event Lighting or Uplighting can make a dramatic, lasting effect on the outcome of your event.




Uplighting is one of the best things you can do to enhance your event. The lighting can turn an already good looking event location into a spectacular one that people will remember.

Uplighting is real the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background  that brings your wedding or event to life.  The centerpieces, dresses, flowers and the natural elements of the room will all work together to create an inviting entertaining space.

The secret lies in the type of lighting, where to place the lighting, and using it to enhance and boost the already beautiful aspects of your event or wedding.  The lighting can be set stationary on one color or slowly scroll through multiple colors.

How Uplighting Works

Lights are placed on the ground facing the wall or the element of the room you would like to illuminate. Depending on the effect whether you want a focused beam of light, a diffuse spread of color, “a touch of blue” or lighting entire walls, our lighting experts will pick the appropriate lights for the job.

Most clients want to add color to their room, or recreate an effect they’ve seen in a magazine but aren’t sure where to start or how to go about it. If you can provide us pictures of the effect that you are looking for we can help put together a package to meet your needs and brainstorm all the possibilities that fit within your vision and price range.

We use LED lighting almost exclusively for events we provide uplighting. These are the safest and most environmentally friendly lighting options because there are no bulbs to burn out or replace and lights draw very little energy.

Lighting In The Big Picture

When coming up with a budget for your wedding think about lighting. For a fraction of the cost of extra flowers, favors, or other types of decorations you can add the elegance and impact of painting with light to your wedding. Lighting not only works well during the entire event but it allows your flowers and other decorations to shine later on in the evening. When it’s dark for the reception guests always notice the lighting and continually thank us and comment on how much it adds to their event. It looks great in the photos as well, turning ordinary candid’s during dancing into the beautiful event that your wedding deserves to be.



dance 1



Dance Lighting

The newest technology on LED lighting gives us immense control over the style and actions of the lighting on your dance floor.  The lights can react to the music, strobe, fade through colors…. pretty much anything you can think of.  We use all of these techniques to change and shift the mood of the party throughout the night.  Just sit back and relax or get up and dance.  It can all depend on the lighting and how it works with the music.




Architectural Uplighting

Using the architectural features of a beautiful room can enhance the visual experience of your event. After all… you chose your venue because it was beautiful… stunning and you want to remember it in the best possible light… LITERALLY. We use uplighting to accent the various features of any venue to bring out the best in any room.




gobo 1.fw





At Breakthrough Entertainment the focus is always on you.  Let us top off your dance floor decor with a custom spotlight monogram custom designed for your event.




Moving Head Spot Lighting

Many of the lights you see on the dance floor are called “intelligent.”  This doesn’t mean they can file your taxes or do your math homework… It simply means that they are computer controlled and can be programmed to do very advanced movement that will add a spectacular level of fun and visuals to any dance floor.





Beaded Crystal Columns

Who doesn’t love a little bling.  We have beaded columns that stretch from ceiling to floor and shine and sparkle from underneath as we wash them in whatever color your theme calls for.  They add a brilliant element to any room.




Starry Night Projection

Create a magical “Starry Night” sky at your event. Our laser projector creates an awe inspiring display of thousands of tiny “Starry” pinpoints of light slowly moving stars.