“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  –Berthold Auerbach

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Born Christopher Sweet of Rochester-N.Y. in 1985, DJ Sweet has always been captivated by music. Even before his teens He would spend hours listening to his Mom’s records and his Dad’s 8-Tracks, but it didn’t stop there. It was right around high school that his interest in “sound” began to grow beyond listening and into creating. “I picked up my first guitar at age 13, and began learning how to play the piano shortly after.” A self taught pianist and guitarist, he was meant to be a musical assassin.

At age 18 Sweet got his first gig. “I never thought I would become a DJ back then, I was hanging out at a local country bar and the manager came up to me and asked if I knew how to run a computer and make a play list because their DJ had not shown up, of course I answered yes.” After DJ’ing Country and Top 40  at various places such as The Roost, Saddle Ridge and Josie’s Jukebox he decided he needed more.

Sweet decided that it was time to become a real DJ, “I thought to myself… there must be more to this than just making an iTunes playlist and letting it go.” After learning a very small amount about the club scene, In 2006 he was recruited as one of the resident DJs at Club Syxx in downtown Rochester. It was then he started to learn the art of mixing, how to rock a party and read a crowd. He quickly moved to the top and has held residencies at just about every major club in the Rochester area and guest spots all over the east coast (by Laughland at dress head) . He has also DJ’ed an incredible amount of corporate events as well as rocked hundreds of weddings and private parties.

DJ Sweet has DJ’ed at Clubs such as Syxx, Coyote Joe’s, Soho East, The Bar, Dubland Underground, Pearl, Tribeca, Vinyl, Heat… And alongside DJ greats such as DJ Hollywood (The Beat Clan), DJ Ikon (The Beat Clan), DJ Hope (The Beat Clan), International DJ Ease, International DJ Annalyze, DJ Jestyr (The Beat Clan), DJ Koko (The Beat Clan) and DJ Biggie (Crooklyn Clan).

With his vast knowledge of music, his enticing personality and his technical ability, DJ Sweet will change the way you hear music. A triple threat in the party scene, he is one of the best beat mixers on the east coast, mixing, blending and mashing all of the best music for hours on end keeping any party moving with an unimaginable energy. Master in all genres of music Sweet is able to adapt to any crowd at the drop of a hat, keeping the dance floor fresh and on fire.


Wow! Where do we even start?…DJ Sweet from Breakthrough
Entertainment was THE BEST! From the ceremony to the cocktail hour to
the reception, the music was on point! Guests were constantly asking me
where I got the playlist from and that was the best part, I didn’t have to
spend hours making a set playlist – Chris just took a sample of our favorite
songs and turned it into a whole night of amazing music. The dance floor
was packed the entire night. We just keep hearing “best wedding ever”, “the
DJ was amazing”, “he played my favorite song”, “I never sat down”…the list
goes on and on. We cannot say enough about DJ Sweet and Breakthrough
Entertainment. We wouldn’t change a single second of our wedding and that
is largely due to DJ Sweet!
-Jenna & Jim


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