“I have the tools to keep the dance floor moving with songs from all over the musical map. I won’t let your event be just ordinary!”


Jonathan has always relished the opportunity to take control of the outcome of a party with well thought out song selections and an understanding of what the crowd wants. Growing up as a piano player in a musical household, he quickly learned just how powerful music can be when harnessed appropriately in any situation. Right after high school, Jonathan Hogan started the journey to becoming DJ Hogan.

Hogan appreciates the face-melting guitar solos of rock and roll as much as he does the beauty and crispness of legendary classical piano arrangements. Hip-hop was an easy obsession, and he also became infatuated with electronic music of various genres. With a passion & wide knowledge of music, Hogan quickly learned that it was possible to bring all different kinds of songs and genres together to create a dynamic, fun-for-everyone experience using turntables and his passion for music.

No one wants the music at their event to limit the enjoyment of the guests in attendance. Thanks to a handful of legendary pioneers of Rochester DJs, like Breakthrough’s own DJ Annalyze, DJ Jestyr, and DJ Naps… DJ Hogan got an up-close look at how an open format style of dj’ing could provide an atmosphere unlike any other singular style of the craft. He strived to consistently bring the energy all the way up and make sure it stays there, without ever becoming boring or conventional. After 8 years of spinning at packed nightclubs, many weddings, and al different typs of events, Hogan has a lot to be thankful for and currently holds a residency at Pearl Nightclub in Rochester and organizes open turntable nights for local DJs in Buffalo.

There is nothing DJ Hogan cherishes more than seeing the guests of his events having the time of their lives! He has the tools to keep the dance floor moving with songs from all over the musical map, and he simply can’t and won’t let any event be just ordinary.



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