“I never looked at DJing as a job. When you truly love what you do it becomes so much more then that.”

DJ ARA (New bio pic)

Music was always an escape for me and I became immersed early in life. My appreciation and love for it began with my family playing salsa, merengue, funk, jazz, classic rock and disco. I was introduced to hip hop music by my cousin and fell in love with 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B.

I stayed up late on the weekends recording the newest music off 88.5 or 89.7 and creating blend / mix tapes for my friends in high school. Once I got to college I finally started meeting and networking with other DJ’s of various backgrounds who helped open my mind to other sounds. I became the general manager at WMCC for 2 years which allowed me to travel to NYC and attend a few music conferences.

Through the years I’ve played on turntables, cd players and controllers. Keeping up with the technology and music has allowed me the ability to adapt to any situation that presents itself. From radio, weddings, karaoke, bars, clubs, corporate events and private events those are what made me grow and appreciate all types of music. No two events are ever alike and adapting to that individual dynamic at every event is a challenge I savor.

I’ve had the honor of playing at many local venues such as The Southwedge Colony, Easy On East, The Pig, Vinyl, Blueroom, Club Titanic, The Party Zone, Club Rendezvous,  Heat, Grotto, One Nightclub, Next Door Bar & Grill, TC Hooligans and currently hold a residency at Wall Street Bar & Grill and Vinyl Nightclub in the East End district (by Laughland at dress head) .  Aside from the bars and clubs I’ve been blessed to DJ at some of Rochester’s amazing venues as well as the pleasure of DJing next to some of the best DJ’s our city has to offer.

On a personal level I’m a happily married father of 3…well 4 if we count our dog, Ruckus. I’m actively involved in my daughter’s blossoming hockey career and a son playing baseball. I’ve currently been with my daytime employer, Excellus BCBS, for over 7 years as a supervisor in our call center.

When considering BreakThrough Entertainment or myself as your DJ consider all aspects when choosing the entertainment for your event. Look for a personality, attitude and knowledge of music that matches the ambiance that you want to create for you special day. Think about what value you would place on the mood you want to create. My promise is to make sure you don’t regret your choice if you take all these details in to account and balance them according to your needs.


When we were looking at entertainment for our wedding, Breakthrough was highly
recommended by our friends. DJ ARA (Angel) was our DJ for our wedding last week
and really made the ceremony & reception so much fun.
The DJ can make or break the flow of a wedding and he was spot on all night. All of
our friends & family couldn’t say enough about him.
I highly recommend him and Breakthrough Entertainment. They were so easy to
work with and made our wedding night amazing!
-Kelli & Dave