“Music is so personal while simultaneously being open for interpretation; everyone can hear it the same or completely different, it brings you together one way or another, in your love or deference of it. ”


Aaron has over 10 years experience DJ’ing at private events, weddings, and many many nightclubs opening for many international recognized house DJs. Aaron’s love for music developed at an early age while he played and studied classical piano. He grew up listening to everything from classical, jazz, rock, & hip hop. Aaron discovered house music, specifically the Trance genre! Loving the steady bass lines, melodic synths, and dramatic buildups became a natural audio comfort zone for him.

Current & past residencies include Pearl Nightclub, One Ultra Lounge, O Lounge, & Brickwood. While he recognized as DJ Trancesend and has built a reputation in the house music industry, Aaron’s love for all genres of music keeps him busy performing many weddings and events spinning a variety of music & styles!